Considering panel for a gui: can I package as an exe?


Considering learning this framework to develop a gui for my python command line code. My code is computationally intensive. I want to use the gui for setting up problems, and looking at results. Results will be mainly plots and spreadsheet-type views.

Once the gui is developed, while I’m fine with users needing a supported/modern browser to use the gui, I will want to distribute a single .exe (on windows/mac/linux some may not have internet access) with all the dependencies. Can this be done? Is that fully supported? Thanks

Hi, I’d really appreciate any thoughts on the above?

Maybe Using Panel in Pyodide & PyScript — Panel v1.3.8 to use offline.

Thank you for your reply. I’m very new to this - I had wondered if there was something such as pyinstaller that could have produced an .exe file. Is that doable? The link you’ve provided discusses things that are beyond me at the moment so I don’t really understand the content of that page.

I don’t know; my recommendation is to create a simple panel example and try packaging it into an exe!

import panel as pn


pn.pane.Markdown("Hello world").show()

Once you do, feel free to report back and share the results with the community so everyone can learn :slight_smile: