Consistent figure size in `matplotlib` and `bokeh` backend

While on bokeh I seem to get good default figure sizes, when I try to generate equivalent figures for matplotlib so that I can export them, I find that the sizes there are way too squished.

Are there any recommendations for how to get a consistent figure size?

Do you use .opts(figsize=200)?

From my experimentation with that is that only changes the total size. But I had plots where the aspect ratio gets all messed up. Adding the aspect of course helped in that case, but it would be nice to have a way to specify for all plots and all backends the default size of the plots.

Hmm, not sure what you mean; can you clarify what you mean by default size?

height and width of the inner data plotted. Something that hvplot could say, “here is a standard size we find useful”.

The main idea for having this consistency is that you could have an interactive plot with bokeh for presentation, but then switch to matplotlib for publication. It seems that these 2 backends right now are good at one or the other. And it would be nice to have minimal option setting when changing from one to the other


Yes I agree; I don’t think it’s easy to interchange right now.

I think that would be a feature request for HoloViews.