Create an interactive HTML table with panel widgets inside

I need to create a Grid-like component with the following requirements:

  • the grid will contain editable Panel widgets
  • the grid will have sort and filtering options
  • the data will change in the backend when the table changes

I thought of creating my own HTML table for that.
My question is:

How can I render Panel widgets inside it and keep it interactive?

Note that the Grid will act as part of a bigger Panel application

Hi @ItamarShDev

You might build a “table” using the gridspec or gridbox. This will work if your table is not very large.

Something more performant but less dynamic would be a custom Template.

An alternative approach is to use the upcoming Tabulator widget you can define editors like checkboxes, dropdown etc. and get the changes back.

Another alternative approach would be the get the Templated HTML Model PR finalized. There you could really define a HTML model of a table with Panel widgets.

Tabulator looks amazing!
can we use any filtering ability? (by column, etc)