Create GeoTiff using Datashader

I currently use datashader to create a tif file from an image object that is created by rasterizing geometries. I would like to create a GeoTiff instead with proper bounding boxes , bands and CRS information associated with it . Can I do this with Datashader?

You could look at the rioxarray project, which explains how to save an xarray object (which is what Datashader outputs) as a GeoTIFF.

Thanks Phillip this was very helpful. Would you happen to know how to set proper extent for the raster created in data shader , the range value for the canvas plot just restricts the geometry to be included to that range but does not actually create a raster of the required extent.

This would be very surprising to me and would indicate a bug.

Hi Phillip, it works as expected, i guess it was a bug in my code. Thanks for your help. I now have an automated process to create raster files from geometries using datashaders and rasterio.


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