CSS Mismatch when served

The same ipynb file with a Panel app looks different when previewed (Jupyter View in other Tab or Blue Button) and served (Docker panel serve Notebook.ipynb).
As you can see the first image is what I see when I preview and develop while the second image is from the deployed app.

Likely panel version difference.

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You were right Mr. @ahuang11 , 1.2.3 on local vs 1.3.8 on deployed, but why would a newer version of Panel negatively impact the CSS of a native widget (I did not specify any custom CSS or parameters) and how do I fix it other than pinning the Panel version to all the way back to 1.2.3?


It seems this was already reported in this issue and was fixed by Mr. @philippjfr , but I am just waiting on Geoviews to bump certain versions so mamba can solve for Panel 1.4.0 and Geoviews and we should be good.

Thank you all for your work and keep at it, Panel looks great and 1.4.0 was an amazing release!!!

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