Custom color intervals for Curve objects

I am trying to plot a Curve object with custom color intervals as mentioned here

unfortunately, it seems that Curve objects don’t have the “color_levels” or “camp” params in their options. How can I achieve this type of custom coloring then?

I am also interested in plotting different colors according to the indices of the plot, for example, data points 0:100 are blue and 100:300 are orange. I couldn’t find a way to do so except by using an overlay, am I missing something?

I think you need to use hv.Path like here Styling Mapping — HoloViews v1.15.4

yeap, it doesn’t seem to support Curve objects.
I decided to just use lots of Curve plots and overlay them, which is not optimal since it increases the run time of the plotting process (I’m generating thousands of Curve objects in the overlay).

if anyone has other suggestions I would appreciate any help :slight_smile: