Dash + Panel

Suppose I have a working Dash app that I would like to make into a Panel app, what is the panel.pane.DeckGl equivalent that would allow me to wrap the Dash app component in a Panel layout element that I can add .servable to?

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Hi @StuckDuckF

There is no documented way of wrapping Dash in Panel.

The architectures are totally different.

The only thing I can think of is wrapping the Dash app in an iframe.

Maybe someone has a better idea?

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I was looking into the source code of panel.pane.Plotly to see if I can create Dash objects and elements and pass them in the same way I can create plotly.graph_objects.Figure and pass them. Would be super interested in how to d it and include it in my geocentric documentation I hopefully can contribute soon.

This is definitely something I’ve wanted to explore. In theory wrapping dash components in Panel should be a lot easier than wrapping Panel components in Dash.

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