Data App Framework Comparison from Quansight

Check out the article Dash, Voila, Panel, & Streamlit—Our Thoughts on the Big Four Dashboarding Tools ( from Quansight.

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Nice well written blog!

@Marc would you also say that Panel scales better than Streamlit?

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Hi @maximlt

There are many ways to define and measure scaling/ performance.

  1. Performance of providing initial response. Streamlit can handle 1000x more responses per second than Panel.
  2. Performance of initial load of page. Probably close. But my guess is that Streamlit is faster. Panel and Bokeh are built on older technology and much more comprehensive.
  3. Performance of updating page. Panel much more performant as it can update small parts of the page. The Bokeh layout engine still holding it back though in some cases.
  4. Performance from many updates when dragging slider. Streamlit cannot handle that. Panel can.
  5. Performance from supporting many users. TBD.
  6. Performance for supporting out of memory use cases like Dask. Probably the same. Dask works with Streamlit. See Effective Data Storytelling for Larger-Than-Memory Datasets with Streamlit, Dask, and Coiled : Coiled
  7. Performance for streaming. Panel should be much better. But I think the Panel/ Bokeh server needs optimizations before its really robust for streaming use cases.

So I would probably say no or its unclear.

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