DataLink can only be applied if overlapping dimension values are equal

I’ve created a simple geoviews/holoviews workflow where users can add points to a map using gv.Points, hv.Table, streams and DataLink.

I’d like to be able to load saved points (from a geojson file) on this map and continuing adding.

When I try to run the combined plots using the data loaded from the saved geojson file into gv.Points, I get the following error:

DataLink can only be applied if overlapping dimension values are equal...

Not sure what isn’t equal here, since the hv.Table is being created from the gv.Points element using .to(...).

The relevant error is thrown from holoviews/plotting/bokeh/

I’ve created this notebook to debug, with a link to binder as well.

The problem is that the Points are projected and the Table is not. The next release of GeoViews has a PointTableLink which handles precisely this scenario, allowing you display the plot in Mercator coordinates and the Table in lat/lons.

Also this sounds pretty much exactly like the new annotate function which let’s you do precisely this and more.

@philippjfr thanks for shedding some light on why the link failed the second time around.

I currently can’t use the annotate functionality due to this: https://github . com/holoviz/holoviews/pull/4189 which hasn’t been released yet. That’s why I’m trying to recreate manually with the DataLink and PointDraw tool. Do you have an idea on when these will be released?