Datashader in a Pythia Cookbook

I am making an Advanced Visualization Cookbook for Project Pythia and trying to provide an overview of all the different plotting libraries scientific python programmers have ever asked me about during plotting tutorials. If you’d like input or feedback on how your project is summarized or if you’d like a workflow to be featured please let me know.

In my overview breakdown of each package I want to include a short and sweet example. I found this on your documentation page and was hoping you could point me to where the census.csv data lives so that Python learnings running these notebooks on the cloud can recreate it.

import datashader as ds
import pandas as pd
import colorcet

df = pd.read_csv('census.csv')
cvs = ds.Canvas(plot_width=850, plot_height=500)
agg = cvs.points(df, 'longitude', 'latitude')
img =,, how='log')

I personally would go straight to using hvplot, which wraps datashader at a high level, Gridded Data — hvPlot 0.8.5a1 documentation

Also, regarding census.csv

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