clickstate value


I’ve been playing around with the provided deck_gl_global_power_plants example (panel-examples/gallery/param/deck_gl_global_power_plants).

I want to change the hover_state to use the click_state (see below) instead however, simply replacing hover_state with click_state does not seem to work and returns an empty dict instead. Could anyone please help me out?

    @pn.depends('pane.click_state', 'data')
    def _info(self):
        return self.pane.click_state

Could you provide a bit more detail on which versions you are using? I just tried changing it to click_state and it just worked on the first try.

Hi Philip,

Yes, I’m on:

Python: 3.8.3
Panel: 0.9.7
OS: Mac OS

I’m running it via the plain Jupyter notebook.

Please let me know if you need more information.


I’ve been playing around with it some more.

I got it to work in a python file which I just serve (panel serve and a geojson layer!

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