Deploy App in GitHub


I have been working on a Dashboard for almost 2 months. Everything is perfect and it runs smoothly when I serve the template on my web browser via Anaconda

Now, I want to share it via GitHub.
But when I do this, a mesage appears on the web terminal " Missing } in template expression"

I checked the code but theres no “}” missing.
According to this is an error in a line where I format a column of a Data Frame with a lambda expression in Python.

Any recommendations? Advice?

Yes, I tryed to remove this line but when I do that, theres a new error “No module called panel”

Hope that you can help me

Not sure. Can you provide some code and how you’re deploying it on GitHub?

Im doing it in this way:

panel convert --to pyodide-worker --out docs/app

After that I upload the index.html and Dashboard.js generated by that line, together will all the information and images that my dashboard needs (To GitHub)

Heres the line that I mention:
Both are the same but the error is here
dataFrame[‘BO Op’] = dataFrame[‘BO Op’].apply(lambda x: f"${x:,.2f} MXN")

dataFrame[‘BO Cume’] = dataFrame[‘BO Cume’].apply(lambda x: f"${x:,.2f} MXN")

Do you have a minimal example I can try?