Deploy to IBM Cloud

Hi All,

I am new to this. just wondered if all this is easily deployable in the cloud, such as IBM cloud?



Hi @naveen1973!

Thanks for asking you question here on Discourse :slight_smile:

I don’t have a specific answer to your question unfortunately. But I would like to point you at the panel docs where you can find some info about how to deploy a panel app to MyBinder and Heroku. The latter being probablely closer to what you’re after! I tried once to deploy a toy app to Heroku, it was quite straightforward and worked directly.

They also mention in the docs that you can deploy an app on other Cloud Solutions, I guess that you could also do it with IBM cloud.

If by any chance you manage to deploy your app on such a cloud platform, it would be super nice if you could report your process somewhere, either here or by submitting a PR to the docs :wink:


Hi @naveen1973

A panel app is a web app and as such deployable to any cloud provider.

If you have not tried deploying a web app before then there is a little bit to learn.

The panel docs describes deployment to some cloud providers. is deployed via azure. Its described in the of the repo on github.