Deployed Panel App Issues

My serverless deployed web app is running into errors all of a sudden. That wasn’t the case few months ago and I haven’t pushed any changes. Any ideas?

My understanding is that you have have not converted the app will a full and pinned list of all dependencies. (I normally don’t do that either). It means that any user that open the app will sort of install a fresh python environment with latest versions of all dependencies. Something has then changed since your deploye the app.

I would try to convert again. But this time specifically list hvplot as a dependency. And maybe even pin panel, hvplot, param etc. to specific versions.

@Marc do you have any idea if panel convert could somehow lock the dependencies?

Thanks @Marc !
Do you mean in the .js file, I would go manually and fix the dependencies there?
Right now, this is how I have them:

const env_spec = ['param<2.0','', '', 'pyodide-http==0.1.0', 'github', 'holoviews>=1.15.4', '', 'numpy', 'pandas', 'scipy', 'scikit-learn', 'hvpliot']

Kind off weird and hvplot for example, is stated there but not installing in the py env when a user load the web app…