Deprecation warning prints many times before panel renders

I’m building a notebook of quadmesh plots using panel. Recently I have started getting 10-ish printouts of “WARNING:param.QuadMeshPlot08010: title_format is deprecated. Please use title instead” before each set of plots. These warnings do not respond to the usual warnings.catchwarnings(), warnings.simplefilter(), etc. I have no references to title_format in my code, so I suspect the warning is created dynamically by holoviz code somewhere, maybe catching a warning from matplotlib or bokeh or something. Because these warnings do not respond to catchwarnings(), etc, I am having a hard time even tracking down the stack trace to figure out where it is coming from.

Any help tracking this down so my notebook isn’t decorated with 50 warnings much appreciated!

Tracked it down and submitted a pull request to hvplot.

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Much appreciated! I’ll try to get a release out asap.