Difficulty Running UI tests

I’m trying the development environment setup and test running for the first time. I followed all the code example steps in the developer guide other than setting up the Jupyter extensions. Then I went onto the test guide I was able to run the unit tests no problem but when I tried running the UI tests with:

doit test_unit

Almost all the tests failed with this error:

For that css file path I can see a tabulator_fast.min.css in that directory but not the tabulator_simple.min.css the test is apparently looking for. Not sure if I missed some build or bundling step I was supposed to have done…

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We want to improve this experience, but haven’t got around to it yet.

Can you do the following:

  • SETUPTOOLS_ENABLE_FEATURES=legacy-editable pip install -e . (Just to be sure)
  • panel bundle --all

Thanks @Hoxbro ! That’s working now.

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@Owen . If you want to contribute, then a contribution to the developer guide documenting how to get the UI tests working would be very valuable.

I’m leading a sprint at EuroPython next weekend. And it would really help me if the developer guide was in a better shape :smile: