Display Pipeline as Tabs?

In the Bokeh app I’m trying to port to Panel, I have the following:

A two-stage wizard, where the first stage contains tabs with configuration and different simulations that can be configured. Once you select a configuration and click “simulate” it goes to a new page with plotting stuff.

I thought I could implement this beautifully with a Pipeline, where there would be a configuration page, many simulation pages, and then a result page. So like a diamond shaped graph.

Pipelines support custom layouts and programmatic flow control, so I thought this would be easy peasy, but it seems not.

It just seems incapable of navigating laterally. Like in the example, if I’d go from “Add” to “Multiply” I would get the same ValueError: Could not find route to target node.

So even if you’d use a custom RadioButtons widget rather than a Tabs widget, it seems there isn’t really a way to navigate from one simulation to the other. Only backwards and forwards.

Maybe what I should be doing is put the simulation tabs inside the pipeline? That way as far as the pipeline is concerned there is only one “simulation” stage.

But then the question is how do you hook up all the inputs and outputs… is there a neat way to select/nest Parameterized, or just a lot of manual plumbing of all the inputs and outputs somehow.

I ended up ditching Pipeline completely and hooking up stuff inside Tabs with Param manually.

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