Django3 compatibilty

Hello, I am amused about Panel and it’s functions.
I have already worked with PyWebIO and now want to make an app with Panel and Django.
In your documentation, the Django version was 2. is it because of Django Channels compatibilty?
Do we have any ways to use updated Django?

Try to downgrade channels to 2.4.0.


So there is no limit using Django3, just downgrade channels to 2.4.0

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I’m not sure it is that simple. I think the bokeh.server.django is not compatible to django 3.x. Maybe it helps you to check out this issue:

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I am able to run Django 3.0.3 with panel == 0.12.1, just with forcing channels = 2.4.0. By doing this everything works right.
I hope this helps.


Nice, informative.