Docker Container Admin Panel not updating

Hello. I am running panel in docker container. I noticed the admin is not updating, the websocket connection works initially and then stops sending/receiving. I did an example here… GitHub - petegordon/panel_docker

If you run the app locally without docker the admin websockets update the user interface just fine, if you run it locally with docker then the admin doesn’t update. Anyone have insights why this might be?

I think it might be that it views the app as running full CPU and the admin is paused because of the app needing resources. This is causing me an issue because I am trying to use the admin in Azure Web App docker container and wanting to see the admin panel logs and values. Thanks.

Maybe I should try to close this in the docs also, I’m half way there with the repo example above. Contribute simple docker example? · Issue #3235 · holoviz/panel · GitHub

I did discover the Admin Log is updating correctly. It is just the CPU/Memory data. I’m thinking now it must be the use of psutil within docker–I’m moving on, it’s ok with refresh and reading the log changes IMO.

I see now there is already simple Docker examples also. Deploy a Dashboard — Panel v1.4.0

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