Documentation Frustration

This is a great library but I am getting very frustrated looking for reference documentation for Holoviews. I find limited examples in the gallery and reference gallery. Where do I find the actual options for a given object, such as holoviews.Table? For example, I found here that opts.Table(editable=True) is an option, but where do I find the other available options? gives parameters but no options.


I’m no expert here. But to me it looks like actually shows the options?

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Those do look like options … but for some reason I get different information in my Python shell.
CentOS 7, Python 3.6.8, Holoviews 1.14.7

Parameters of 'Table'

Parameters changed from their default values are marked in red.
Soft bound values are marked in cyan.
C/V= Constant/Variable, RO/RW = ReadOnly/ReadWrite, AN=Allow None

Name                        Value                     Type     Bounds   Mode

group                      'Table'                   String             C RW
label                         ''                     String             C RW
cdims                   OrderedDict()                 Dict              V RW
kdims                         []                      List   (0, None)  C RW
vdims                         []                      List   (0, None)  C RW
datatype   ['dataframe', 'dictionary', 'grid', '...   List   (0, None)  V RW

Parameter docstrings:

group:    The group is used to describe the Table.
label:    Optional label describing the data, typically reflecting where
          or how it was measured. The label should allow a specific
          measurement or dataset to be referenced for a given group.
cdims:    The constant dimensions defined as a dictionary of Dimension:value
          pairs providing additional dimension information about the object.

          Aliased with constant_dimensions.
kdims:    The key dimensions defined as list of dimensions that may be
          used in indexing (and potential slicing) semantics. The order
          of the dimensions listed here determines the semantics of each
          component of a multi-dimensional indexing operation.

          Aliased with key_dimensions.
vdims:    The value dimensions defined as the list of dimensions used to
          describe the components of the data. If multiple value
          dimensions are supplied, a particular value dimension may be
          indexed by name after the key dimensions.

          Aliased with value_dimensions.
datatype: A priority list of the data types to be used for storage
          on the .data attribute. If the input supplied to the element
          constructor cannot be put into the requested format, the next
          format listed will be used until a suitable format is found (or
          the data fails to be understood).

Wait. I’m not importing the ‘bokeh’ extension. Now it works! Thank you.