Does Panel work in Kaggle

Any known reason to Panel not fully work in Kaggle?
I am just making some tests there and I would like to output data to Panel.

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I did some very minor tests a while back, but Panel seemed to work fine. Are you running into issues?

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Hi! This is a very simple copy and paste test from Panel examples:

It doesn’t work in Opera browser. In Firefox and Chromium the bar chart and the controls at the right side all works, but the slide widget does not interact with the chart.

I made many works with Python and d3js, and I am just starting to test Panel, which seems to be amazing. I also would like to improve my knowledge in ML domain, so this is why I am trying both together, Kaggle and Panel.

I’m seeing the same issues you are. I can build things, but the interactivity doesn’t seem to work. Will try to do more research.