Don't show line/scatter of category anymore when you unselect it by clicking on legend

When I click on a category in a legend, the plot adjusts by only showing that category and its markers in the plot still slightly.

How can I change that so that when I click on a category, the markers of that category are not visible at all anymore in my plot?

Sample code:

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import holoviews as hv
import hvplot.pandas

# create sample data
df = pd.DataFrame({
    'col1': np.random.rand(50),
    'col2': np.random.rand(50),
    'category': np.random.choice(['A', 'B'], 50)

# plot line
df.hvplot.scatter(x='col1', y='col2', by='category')
df.hvplot.scatter(x='col1', y='col2', by='category', muted_alpha=0)

Thanks so much! I am always surprised how much there is still to learn (and how easy the answer sometimes can be :slight_smile: )

So the solution is using option: muted_alpha=0