Don't show param.Parameterized baseclass methods and attributes in tab compete after inheritance

I’m guessing there is some way to address this in python or via IDE customization, but I’m not sure how to begin thinking about this.

I would like tab autocomplete to not show the inherited methods and attributes that are inherited from param.Parameterized for parameterized classes.

In the attached screenshot Cache is a parameterized class with three methods and one parameter. Is it possible to only see this parameter and the three methods upon tab complete?

I’m not sure how to begin thinking about this, any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @LinuxIsCool

I believe ipython uses ‘dir’ for tab completion. You can customize the result of dirby implementing a custom version of the __dir__ method on the class I believe.

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We’re also planning to finally release Param 2.0 very soon which gets rid of a majority of the methods polluting the Parameterized namespace.


@Marc epic thanks for that tip! Nice to know about __dir__.

@philippjfr Thanks as well, very exciting about Param 2.0!! Seems like whenever I ask a question in this forum, there is an exciting release around the corner that addresses it. So much excitement for Param 2.0.


The only thing stopping us from finishing and releasing Param 2.0 is more-pressing releases of hvPlot and HoloViews; once those get out the door, we’ll finish up Param 2!


Sounds like holoviz Christmas special :santa: :pray: :gift:


Yep, we’re coming up on Christmas soon enough, and still have the same story: Soon! Nothing stopping us but being busy! :-/