Dynamicmap (and holomap) responsiveness when running out of a vscode notebook

Hi, long time no see, but after a while I’m back to having the chance to use your libraries.
Since the last time I used it, I’ve switched to vscode. I’ve noticed something that might be IDE related, which changes the responsivness of Dynamic maps vastly.

I have a “large” holomap of bar plots (3 bars showing frequencies, title changes showing mass), with 6 input parameters. The holomap is comprised of 3072 “slides”. When dealing with it inside the notebook I got a warning about the amount of slides, so I decided to serve it with panel as a way to quickly explore it. The result was that it was really slow, taking ages to update.

Next logical step, I converted it to a Dynamicmap through the use of holoviews.util.Dynamic(). It shows but doesn’t respond when called directly within the vscode notebook, still really unresponsive when served as a panel.

The next step I’ve taken is going from .ipynb to .py files and running them in the terminal. The holomap responsiveness is better but still awful, but now the dynamicmap seems to work fine, being snappy and updating the plots nearly instantly (at the speed I was expecting from the start). Finally, I tried the dynamicmap within jupyter notebook (the default one) and it was responsive.

Is there any know issue with Dynamicmaps when running them from vscode, either within the notebook or when serving them as panels?

PS: this seemed way too specific and small to be an issue within the github, but if it’s useful there let me know.