Editing panel index page

Hi all!

I am really excited to apply the released Panel 0.12.0 for my apps. Thanks all for the hard works!

It is also great to find out the new template for index page. Regarding it, is it possible to edit and change the settings for this template from the apps? For example, change the title, hyperlink, etc. It is really appreciated if there are some examples.

Thanks in advance,

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@Arifin Did you find a solution for this? Seems like such a natural need.

Currently this is not doable as far as i know.
In the future i think it should be easys if we migrate to using ReactiveHTML for the Templates and also for the Index Page, but this is not done yet.

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For the time being you can create it as I do for the awesome panel list here.

Or you can copy the FastGalleryTemplate into your own project from here

Please make a Feature Request on the Panel Github if you want it supported in Panel. Github

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You can override the index template yourself as a Jinja template by passing --index my_custom_index.html and adapting the existing template as needed.

The problem with that @philippjfr is that no example is provided. For example I cannot see that you have access to anything but the urls. How would you add meta information like images, descriptions, links etc to each page?

Please see discussion here for a workaround: Cannot set panel app as index (with --index option)