Elegant date and time picker?

When it is necessary to select a date and time (to, say, minute accuracy), there are several options:

  1. Use a DatePicker in combination with two (integer) Spinners for hour and minute
    • -> but I cannot force the format of the Spinners to produce leading zeros, can I?
  2. Use DatetimeInput
    • -> works, but not particularly fancy
  3. Use a DatePicker together with an IntSlider in minutes, that formats the int as “%H:%M”.
    • -> but then I have to write my own bokeh TickFormatter - how?
  4. There is no such thing as a DatetimeSlider with configurable time step, is there?

I’m wondering if people already came up with an elegant solution to this one? Or are you all content to use DatetimeInput?

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Hi @marfel

I understand you use case. But I have not seen that functionality anywhere.