Embed plotly Sunburst


I am trying to embed a plotly sunburst plot into an HTML page.
For information, I have no problem embedding holoviews (with bokeh backend) plots.

When I use the code that follows, the HTML page renders without the plot. I see that the embedded div and associated script are in the page, but nothing shows. There are no errors in the console, nor server side.

Edit: I use panel version 0.9.5

import panel as pn
import plotly.express as px
from bokeh.embed import components

def plots():
    # ... #
    sunburst = sunburst_categ_quality(df_center.copy())
    p = pn.pane.Plotly(sunburst).get_root()

   return components(p)

def sunburst_categ_quality(df_center):
    df_center["count"] = 1

    fig = px.sunburst(df_center, path=['mission_short', 'maximum_cyclone_category', 'analysis_center_quality_flag'],
                      values='count', width=500, height=500)

    return fig

One thing that may seem wrong to me, but I’m not sure, is that the “components” function from Bokeh is adapted to bokeh code, and I have no idea if it is supposed to work when using a plotly plot.

Creating the sunburst plot worked flawlessly in a jupyter notebook.


Hi @Skealz

Could you try using the latent version of Panel, i.e 0.14.3? And iif if it still does not work please include a reproducible example, i.e. Something that can run.