Error adding hover tool to HLine

After updating to versions bokeh==2.4.0 and holoviews==1.14.6, running

import holoviews as hv
plot = hv.HLine(0.5).opts(tools=["hover"])

no longer works, and results in the error:

ValueError: failed to validate HoverTool(id='1420', ...).renderers: expected an element of either Auto or List(Instance(DataRenderer)), got [None]

Previously, with bokeh==2.3.3 and holoviews==1.14.4 a plot was produced but no information was displayed when hovering over the line:

Hi @Maisie

Welcome to the community. It looks like a bug. Could you report this on github?


Thanks @Marc,

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I don’t think it has ever been possible to add hover to an HLine or VLine as described here:

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