Error "Argument must be Polygonal or LinearRing" from geoviews user guide code

When running the code from the Projections page of the geoviews user guide ( ) in a jupyter notebook, I get a large number of error messages:
“IllegalArgumentException: Argument must be Polygonal or LinearRing”

However, after all the error messages, the plot appears as expected.

Here’s a small code snippet producing the error (in this case only 16 error messages):

import geoviews as gv, cartopy 
    [(-74.0, 40.7, 'NYC')], 

Switching on logging shows that the exception is raised in shapely/

I did this on a fresh virtual env (not conda, I’m afraid), with geos and proj installed via hombrew on a Mac.
I’m suspecting some version problem, but I have no idea how and where to look for it.

geos: 3.8.1
proj: 7.0.1
python: 3.8.3
cartopy: 0.18.0
geoviews: 1.8.1
scipy: 1.4.1
shapely: 1.7.0

Any ideas?

Very odd, can’t seem to reproduce this myself. Also not entirely sure why it’s trying to use shapely here in the first place. Points should not general be cast to shapely geometries unless you provide a shapely geometry yourself. Could you do me a favor and provide the output of

points = gv.Points(
    [(-74.0, 40.7, 'NYC')], 
gv.project(points, projection=ccrs.Mollweide()).interface, points.interface

sure, here it is:


Oh I suspect I know what’s going on then, the Point doesn’t have an extent and I suspect the project_extents method is balking at that. I just don’t quite know why I can’t reproduce the issue.