Error (unexpected keyword argument 'arg') trying "Palmer Penguins" example

I tried the basic Palmer Penguins example and on running lumen the first time (command “lumen serve penguins.yaml --show --autoreload”) I got this error:

ERROR: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'arg'

Hopefully something simple about my installation or setup?

I am using a conda installation on Windows 11.
lumen 0.4.1
pyviz 2.3.2
hvplot 0.8.4

Thanks in advance

p.s. I ran the yaml-linter across my file and it says it is a valid yaml file. So the problem is apparently nothing to do with linefeeds or tabs or other characters that cause the yaml file format to be invalid.

Still puzzled by the problems I am having with getting the introductory example up and running.

I tried “lumen validate penguins.yaml” and got this error:

usage: panel [-h] [-v] {build,info,init,json,sampledata,secret,serve,static,oauth-secret,convert,bundle} …
panel: error: invalid choice: ‘validate’ (choose from ‘build’, ‘info’, ‘init’, ‘json’, ‘sampledata’, ‘secret’, ‘serve’, ‘static’, ‘oauth-secret’, ‘convert’, ‘bundle’)

Seems it may be related to in complete setup/config of my conda env? Related to issue #114 Conda install dependencies incomplete · Issue #114 · holoviz/lumen · GitHub ? My version of panel not recent enough?

python 3.8.16
panel 1.2.0

From what I can tell, lumen might be a great fit for a project I have, so I’d very much appreciate some help getting set up to be able to try it out.


Try installing the latest dev with conda install -c pyviz/channel/dev lumen=0.6 or pip install --pre lumen==0.6.

Thank you! I think I have initial lift-off. Seem to be able to run the penguins example now. Will dive in…