Error while Running Panel in Browser using WASM


I created an application using Panel, and it’s working well in the local .
Afterwards, I wanted to run Panel in the browser using WASM . I followed these steps which was successful:

  1. I ran the command “panel convert --to pyodide-worker --out pyodide”.
  2. Then, I started a local web server using the command “python3 -m http.server”.
  3. Finally, I opened “http://localhost:8000/pyodide/app.html” to test out the application.

However, during execution, I encountered the following error: “FileNotFoundError: [Errno 44] No such file or directory: ‘…/panel_app/Data.csv’.”

without the code it is hard to say, but I think you are reading some local data, which it is not available when you run in WASM. I suggest you put the code so others can check the error.


Thank you for your response. It is true that my data is being read locally. You will find the corresponding code attached.

Hi Belazi

Currently, pyscript does not have access to local file system. As a work round, you could move your data to GitHub or Bitbucket.

Kind regadrs



If you need more help try sharing the code and a Data file. Can be dummy data if the data you are using is proprietary. Thanks.