Exclude combined plot from linked_selection

TLDR; How to exclude a combined plot from a linked_selection ?

I have several plots linked together. It looks like this :

One of them (ie. the bottom left one) is defined like this:

        curve = hv.Curve([[0, 0], [80, 80]], dict_axis[key][0], dict_axis[key][1])
        curve.opts(line_dash='dashed', color='black')

        plot = (
            hv.Scatter(ds, dict_axis[key][0], dict_axis[key][1]).\
                opts(tools=['tap', 'box_select', 'wheel_zoom', 'hover']) \
            * curve

I link the plots with

When I’m selecting data I’ve got an error, due to the fact that the plot “curve” is not using data from the dataset (its goal is only to display a reference line).

So i’d like to either prevent that plot from being selected, or to exclude it from the linked_selection. (Or any other solution)

Thanks !

The error is the following :
linked_selection aborted because it could not display selection for all elements: One or more dimensions in the expression ((dim('x')>=-7913051994292739)&(dim('x')<=-7814783158566145))&((dim('y')>=29282524130020203)&(dim('y')<=3020558102669252)) could not resolve on ':Dataset [RS2 wind speed (m/s)] (S1B wind speed (m/s))' Ensure all dimensions referenced by the expression arepresent on the supplied object on ':Curve [RS2 wind speed (m/s)] (S1B wind speed (m/s))'.

Create a link_selections instance and then run it on the individual components before composing the layout, e.g.

ls = link_selections.instance()

ls(curve) + area + ls(scatter)
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