Expanded Table Not Working

I have a table taken from the tutorial here which is created using the code below. I am trying to create the functionality to expand the table using the clickable arrows, however tables output by the following code do not have that functionality

image below is the table created locally

My attempts to save data in the expanded attribute did not result in any change that I could tell. Please advise.

from bokeh.sampledata.periodic_table import elements
import panel as pn

periodic_df = elements[['atomic number', 'name', 'atomic mass', 'metal', 'year discovered']].set_index('atomic number')

content_fn = lambda row: pn.pane.HTML(
    f'<iframe src="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/{row["name"]}?printable=yes" width="100%" height="300px"></iframe>',

periodic_table = pn.widgets.Tabulator(
    periodic_df, height=500, layout='fit_columns', sizing_mode='stretch_width',
    row_content=content_fn, embed_content=True

image below is the table taken from the website here
Notice the arrows on the left allowing for an expanded section. This is what I am struggling to implement.

Hi @wtaylorb

Your link is to the development documentation for the current master branch. The expandable rows is not in Panel 0.12.4. It’s to be released in Panel 0.13.0.

You can get it by installing the master branch instead of the latest package.

Hi @wtaylorb ! How did you find this website?

Pretty sure it was google

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Ok thanks, that’s a bit annoying then :confused:

Yeah, that’s not good. We need to make sure google doesn’t index that site or at minimum add a fat warning to the dev site.