Explorer: sort values in drop down (groupby) by default

Can explorer sort value in drop down (groupby) by default?

It’ll make it much easier to find the value I am looking for e.g. I have data with ~1,000 values for a column. For example, below, in the tutorial data the values of the island groupby are listed in random order (maybe order in the dataframe?) of Torgersen, Biscoe and Dream. I would like them to be sorted as Biscoe, Dream, Torgersen.

I’m guessing this is a performance issue thing so perhaps it could be turned out such as explorer(df, sort_values=True)?

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I believe if dataframe/dataset is presorted by what it’s grouped by, it’ll show in that order, e.g.

df = df.sort_values("island")

Could be a kwarg to set, in explorer: