Extract data with tools

Hi, I have a xarray dataset with a two-dimensional image.
If I try to import the tools in hvplot.image they are correctly displayed and are selectable.
However, no action takes place on the image. I also looked with ‘examine’. I would like to create a box and extract the data, or have the coordinates contained in it.
What am I doing wrong?

tools=['pan', 'xpan', 'ypan', 'xwheel_pan', 'ywheel_pan', 'wheel_zoom', 'xwheel_zoom', 
       'ywheel_zoom', 'zoom_in', 'xzoom_in', 'yzoom_in', 'zoom_out', 'xzoom_out', 
       'yzoom_out', 'click', 'tap', 'doubletap', 'crosshair', 'box_select', 'xbox_select', 
       'ybox_select', 'poly_select', 'lasso_select', 'box_zoom', 'xbox_zoom', 'ybox_zoom', 
       'auto_box_zoom', 'save', 'copy', 'undo', 'redo', 'reset', 'help', 'examine', 
       'fullscreen', 'box_edit', 'line_edit', 'point_draw', 'poly_draw', 'poly_edit', 'freehand_draw', 'hover']

a= test2.tir.hvplot.image('x','y', tools=['examine','lasso_select','box_select','click'],ylim=(240,0),aspect=test2.x.size/test2.y.size,cmap='Plasma')

![Schermata del 2024-06-05 12-36-54|690x365](upload://xyfeD7xDROECFL0LktuGOhu75Zb.png)

You need to connect a stream, like this.

Note hvPlot is built on top of HoloViews, so things you can use in HoloViews, you can use on hvPlot output (which is HoloViews type).