Failed to validate Range1d if figure is too small or removed

I have a panel dashboard produced using a React template, and add and remove cards containing HoloViews bokeh figures using a similar method to this example.

Removing cards works as expected, however adding them back creates blank cards, which when resized leads to the error:

 message: Message 'PATCH-DOC' content: {'events': [{'kind': 'ModelChanged', 'model': {'id': '6105'}, 'attr': 'start', 'new': None}, {'kind': 'ModelChanged', 'model': {'id': '6105'}, 'attr': 'end', 'new': None}], 'references': []} 
 error: ValueError("failed to validate Range1d(id='6105', ...).start: expected an element of either Float, Datetime or TimeDelta, got None")

This same error also occurs when using the drag handle to resize a card and make it too small.

Is there a way I can prevent this from occurring, for example by getting it not to attempt to validate the plot range when a value of None is received?

For a minimum example I ran the example code in the documentation for the React template, and used the drag handle to make one of the figures as small as possible. Then I click and drag in the centre of the box that remains, and the other figure becomes blank, and I get the same error as above. The same thing also happens for the Fast Grid template (note something also goes wrong with the sidebar when I do this, but it is unrelated to my issue).