Flickering Issue in Safari Browser

Hey I am noticing that at the below demo page or on any pn pane app which is updated using .object method is like pn.pane.JPG or pn.pane.PNG is expericning flickering in safari browser.

I am on macbook pro m1 mac os sonama 14.3
safari version Version 17.3 (19617.

If you have safari can you try to recreate this issue and see the html = pn.pane.HTML() object being update and you will see tthe flickering effect. Go to the below link,

____ you should see the flickering for this example…

video = pn.widgets.VideoStream(timeout=100)
html = pn.pane.HTML()
pause = pn.widgets.Toggle(name=‘Pause’)

pause.jslink(video, value=‘paused’)
video.jslink(html, code={‘value’: “”"
target.text = <img src="${source.value}" width=320 height=240 />

pn.Column(pause, pn.Row(video, html))