Found a Panel app fsspec.gui to access various filesystems: fsspec.gui

Hi all. Found this Panel app that provides a GUI to access various filesystems.

Has anyone used this? What are your experiences with this app, and fsspec in general?

Has anyone used it in conjunction with this external fsspec package for access to Google Drive?

fsspec supports many implementations, so this could unlock easy access to a ton of external file protocols, when combined with fileselector. Amazon, Azure, Box, ftp, Google, Github, HuggingFace, Local filesystem, zip etc etc.

24 Built-in: API Reference — fsspec 2024.2.0+1.g510ca5d.dirty documentation

15 Through external packages:


Could the above be an already existing solution for the below Panel Github issue regarding RemoteFileSelector <@298221685679849483> ? Especially because fsspec supports many filesystems?

The GUI is built using Panel:

[WIP] New widget : RemoteFileSelector by pierrotsmnrd · Pull Request #6301 · holoviz/panel · GitHub


import fsspec

(Not sure if Panel needs to be installed / imported as well).

fs = fsspec.filesystem(‘s3’, anon=True)
url = ‘s3://noaa-goes18/’[0:5]

import fsspec.gui


This produces a Panel app, see code and screenshot in link.

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