'function' object has no attribute 'quadmesh'

I have an xarray.Dataset which I rendered interactive so that I can explore a bit like the hvPlotExplorer that works great for Pandas dataframes but did not work for my xarray.DataSet. I implemented my own explorer with xds[data_var].interactive.sel(**sel_dict) where sel_dict is the dynamically created widgets that allow me to select on all dimensions other than lat and lon. This exactly what I need and have been using in my devlopment to create QuadMesh plots, but when I try and chain the hvplot.quadmesh it throws an AttributeError: 'function' object has no attribute 'quadmesh' which it does not do if I remove the interactive. I have found a workoaround by specifying the kind in the hvplot constructor, but I was wondering if this is perhaps a simple fix to make Panel a bit more consistent (I think you people are awesome and I will never breath the same air as you as a developer, but I am just trying to contribute the best way I can).

You are in luck because this will be available in the next release: Add support for accessor in hvplot.interactive by Hoxbro · Pull Request #781 · holoviz/hvplot · GitHub

You are amazing!!! Quick question, would your PR make interactive functions “chainable” for other data frmaes as well, i.e. Xarray?

say something like this xds[var].interactive.sel(**selectors).hvplot.quadmesh( ... )

Also I hope to learn enough so that I can contribute as I have some experience with WMS, WCS and interactive web maps (OpenLayers) and I hope to implement them in a Panel dashboard. Point me to the person who is working on this if any please.

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