Geogebra in a Panel Pane. Anybody want to play? There is a Javascript API

I do not know where the Javascript error is coming from.
The app is functional…
I’d love to get this going a little better: there is a Javascript API that allows controlling the applet.

I’d love to hear if somebody plays with this!

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Forgot to mention the notebook is in

My wife is a math teacher using geogebra, so I might be a bit interested :slight_smile: And well I have a 15 year old PhD in math so I might also remember a few things :slight_smile:

The way I would explore it if I did was to create a Geogebra Panel Widget as a Bokeh extension in order to have bidirectional communication. See

I don’t know geogebra that well. What kind of examples or use cases would be interesting for Python, Panel or Notebook users @ea42gh ?

I can see that it supports python in the browser via Jython and python 2.5.

What I would find interesting would be to be able to use python in a Panel App or Notebook to define all the objects etc and bind Panel widgets to the widgets in the geogebra visualization. Similarly to but just from Python and not Jython.

Hello @Marc
that would be real overkill compared to what I had in mind:
I’ll get around to just add a button or two that execute javascript:
hide/show editing toolbars, load another example.

The use case I have: I was putting together a linear transformations lecture.
(Hence my other post about arrows: that figure was done with julia Plot…)

Figured it out: the notebook

pulls a geogebra construction into a panel Pane.

There are several python functions that interact with the construction
setting a number of different transformation matrices.