Geographic network flow map (ie trade data on world map)

Hey guys,
Is there a way to do something like this within the holoviz ecosystem or the closest proxy that you would suggest . Like it doesn’t necessarily need to be like this, I’m just wanting to know whats the closest diy solution to do something like this within the ecosystem and how… and possible alternatives… maybe a Chord circle thing ?
Hvplot, Panel, Geoviews…


Looks like a Sankey crossed with a network graph. (Also looks like a family of squids!). I don’t think there is anything in HoloViz that can generate it directly. But you can integrate such a plot with HoloViz plots if you find some JS code that would plot it, then wrap that in Panel using ReactiveHTML (if you want it to be live) or just put the SVG or PNG into a Panel layout.

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