Geoviews Features Overlays hiding data or screwing axes

I am trying to replicate a purely matplotlib plot using HoloViz but I am having a hard time getting the details right. For instance overlaying geoviews.feature hides the data but if I put them in front as so

GZ_plot = ds.GZ.hvplot.contour()
TT_plot = ds.TT.hvplot.quadmesh()

basemap = (
    # *
    * gv.feature.borders 
    * gv.feature.lakes

for domain_name, domain_extents in DOMAINS.items():
    ds_reg = ds.sel(lon=slice(domain_extents[0],domain_extents[1]), lat=slice(domain_extents[2],domain_extents[3]))
    final_plot = ds_reg.GZ.hvplot.contour(levels=20).opts(fig_size=300) * basemap
    # final_plot = basemap * ds_reg.GZ.hvplot.contour(levels=20).opts(fig_size=200)

instead of

How would I control the z order (to use web lingo) in HoloViz overlays?