Geoviews map displays blank

Hi all,
I just need to show a map on the background of my spatial data.

First, following the doc I was able to see the maps showing as expected. So I concluded that the installation went well.

Now, I want to just plot OSM.

Second, following this doc I see the blank boxes.

Then I tried to just plot the OSM by adding an if condition to the code from first doc, again a blank box showing.

  1. What am I missing?
  2. Is there a doc/example that I can follow to add map on the background of my plot?

Third, I realized that maybe I need some real data for the OSM map to show on the plot. So I followed this doc to test it. This time, the map displays as expected, but no data is showing. Refreshing the screen, I noticed that first I see 3 dots, then the map literally overlays them, so eventually the dots are hidden behind the map and they don’t show on the plot.

I appreciate your help.

This looks fine on my computer:

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Thanks for the response and for checking. It doesn’t look fine for me. I’m afraid that something is not right in my environment that I don’t know how to catch.

I tried same thing in another machine, and got the expected result. It makes me thinking that I was on right track doubting the environment. Still I’m not sure what was wrong in the first environment, let alone how to fix it.

Update: I restarted Panel in original environment, and now the map showing as expected.

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