Guidance on "Template" Choice?

I started with ReactTemplate but I want to build off the best template. Any guidance or suggestions on picking a template?

I like FastListTemplate, but not sure it’s the best.


I like the FastListTemplate, but I’m biased as the original developer. The MaterialTemplate would be my second pick.

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+1 for FastListTemplate, it works really well.

There is a reason that there are more than one template. They all are good when used in right scenario.
I started with BootstrapTemplate which took me a long way, but at some point I needed to have more flexible template. So I read about all of them carefully, and choose couple of them which had the ability that I was looking for. Then I played with both of them and picked the one that worked the best for my scenario. The template that I’m using now is FastGridTemplate, but I may change it again in the future if I need features that comes in other ones. Don’t worry about switching between them, it’s not too much work. So go ahead and start with a simple one, and take it from there. Good luck!