Height scaling of GridBox on Safari is different than other browsers (Firefox, Chrome)

The height scaling of GridBox seems to behave differently with Safari compared to other browsers. When I set the height of the widget, they behave identically on two browsers. I’m wondering if there is a way for Safari to render it properly with auto scaling.

Here is the code I used for the test (essentially identical to the example in the GridBox document).

import random
import panel as pn



def rcolor():
    return "#%06x" % random.randint(0, 16777215)

box = pn.GridBox(*[pn.pane.HTML(styles=dict(background=rcolor()), width=50, height=50) for i in range(24)], ncols=6)


The result displayed with Firefox (117.0.1):

The same app displayed with Safari (16.6):

I’m using macOS 13.6, Panel 1.2.3, Python 3.11.5.