Help: How to convert existing Ploty chart into holoviz and then put in panel dashboard?

I created a pretty complex Plotly chart (stacked + scatter + customized crosshair + rangeselector)
I want to:

  1. covert it into a holoviz chart
  2. put it into an interactive dashboard.

Tried to research online, cannot really find anything useful. Do I have to recreate the plotly chart in hvplot again? If so, any setup by step guide?

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Hi @simonxin,

Welcome, I’m confused in that your first point you want to re-create the chart then further you question if you have to recreate the chart? So maybe you could just pull the plotly side into panel for dashboarding see I have no experience with this however.

I think it would certainly be possible to create (stacked + scatter + customized crosshair + rangeselector) but your look and feel may differe it may help to submit a picture / clip of what you have if you can for people to comment further.

See here for hvplot exmaple on stacked


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Thanks a lot, I totaly missed this function plotly_pane = pn.pane.Plotly(fig). That is exactly what I have been looking for. Works like a charm. Much ppreciated!


Hi @simonxin

Welcome to the community.

The vision of Panel is that it’s should be use to use the tools you know and love to build data tools and data apps including Plotly :+1:

Thanks for sharing the vision. I am inspired by your previous works. I am putting what I learnt in my daily work!

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