Hist() and colormap

Dear all, I am Val, a new user of HoloViews, and only recently discovered the whole related universe (Bokeh, Panel, etc.). I am really impressed. I have a question about the hist() function for the Image element in HoloViews. I think I might have hit a bug, but I want to make sure I am not doing something wrong before I report and I waste precious 'developers time.

From the discussion about this issue:

I read: " .hist() already supports using the Box Select tool on the histogram to select the value ranges to map into the color range".

I was expecting that, as I select ranges on the histogram, the values in the colormap (and hence in the colorbar) would change according to my histogram selection, but I cannot get this to work. Here is my minimal example:

import holoviews as hv, numpy as np
test_array = np.random.rand(500,500)

The box selection on the histogram works, but nothing changes in the image and the colormap. Am I doing something wrong or should I open an issue?

Thank you for your help!


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I forgot to mention: HoloViews is version 1.13.2 and Bokeh is version 2.0.1 (all from Anaconda, on Linux)

Thanks for reporting this! This appears to be a regression, any chance you could file an issue with HoloViews?

Sure! Doing it now!

Done! Thank you for the quick answer! Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks! I’ll try to fix that tomorrow and then finally release 1.13.3.