HoloMap gets slow when used inside a HoloViews pane

Hi everyone,

I’ve tagged this a panel issue since the HoloMap itself renders well.

I am writing a panel application using JupyterLab. Specifically, I create a HoloMap with a number of hvplot.networkx plots that can be selected by a slider (the number of frames is manageable as shown in the video). The underlying graph is the same, but edge alpha differs to create an effect of increasing edge strength.

The problem I encounter is that while the HoloMap widget renders well in a notebook, it becomes quite slow when inside a pane (pn.panel). It stays slow when the application is served.

The video demonstrates the issue; first part is the widget, second part is the pane.

I’ve not included any code as the HoloMap itself doesn’t seem to be the issue here, but let me know if any extra information/code is necessary.


Looking forward to your suggestions!

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Hi @paulmaxus

Welcome to the community.

Please report this as a bug with minimum, reproducible code. Thanks.