Holomap overlay ndoverlay widths wrong

I get the widths of the plot wrong when I write the following

import numpy as np
import xarray as xr
import holoviews as hv
import hvplot
import hvplot.pandas
a = xr.DataArray(np.random.normal(size=(5,5,5)), dims=["x","l","group"], coords={"x":range(5), "l":range(5), "group": range(5)})
a = a.to_dataset("l").to_dataframe()
plot1 = a.hvplot(groupby="group", x="x", dynamic=False)
plot2 = a.hvplot(kind="scatter", groupby="group", x="x", dynamic=False)
plot = plot1 * plot2

In the jupyter notebook I get

I can almost fix this by
but it never comes out right. In the second case, when I nbconvert to html, the widget always overlaps the plot. Below is the html

Any way to fix this?