Holomap Silders placement

Currently, Holomap slider is placed to right, Can I move it to up or down?

@philippjfr Can you please guide? I couldn’t find this on the internet.

Have you tried setting widget_location?

import xarray as xr
import hvplot.xarray
ds = xr.tutorial.open_dataset('air_temperature')
ds.hvplot('lon', 'lat', widget_location='top')

Thanks for the reply, But it didn’t work.

hv.HoloMap(collections.OrderedDict(outer_dict), kdims=kdims, sort=False, widget_location=‘top’)

WARNING:param.HoloMap84644: Setting non-parameter attribute widget_location=top using a mechanism intended only for parameters

holomap.opts(title='Testing plot", fontsize={‘title’: 13}, widget_location=‘top’)

ValueError: Unexpected option 'widget_location' for Overlay type across all extensions. No similar options found.

@ahuang11 Was describing usage with hvPlot, in HoloViews this is currently a global setting (but probably should be made an option). Currently you can change the setting globally with:


or to display an object with that setting as a one off:

hv.output(holomap, widget_location=‘top’)

@philippjfr thanks for your reply. I am using

hv.save(holomap, “plot.html”)

to save the html file. With option


There isn’t any impact on the plot. I have checked the Github ticket also. But couldn’t get this done.

I’m using

holoviews 1.12.7 is old and does not support configurable widget locations.

I have updated the version of holoviews.